Why hate in increasing ?

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I read a book “who moved my cheese”. It is a tiny book which can unlock your emotional complexity. We all want cheese (fun, comfort, luxury). We want comfort zones where we can build a happy dreamy world. We are GOD there. We have created it. It will have career, love, or family of OUR choice. Cheese is piece of that dream. It is a share of heaven. If you give “Cheese” to someone, he will be very happy and proud of you.

Its opposite end is “WORK”. Hell has created it. You have to put blood and sweat into it. If you give “Work” to someone, he will hate you. No one loves his work. It is a painful burden.

Situation gets complex, if you distribute them. And in a team, you have to distribute both. Everyone analysis deeply what he got. Distributor is just distributing what he has. Ideal distribution is a myth. Someone will get more work and other one will get more Cheese.

Let’s take a family of 3 females (mother-law, sister-in-law and a typical bahu). No one can decides which relation is bigger and who should work harder and who should get bigger cheese. There is no law in nature that all should get equal. Same happens in an organization where many people fighting for same share of Work and Cheese. People compare their designations, experience, and contribution. It creates walls. Everyone reacts based on their FEARS. Distribution is not in their hand.

I find organization with more cheese and less work sustains longer. Their hate is less, love is more. So, if want world to be peaceful. Make it bigger cheese box. No one will take a gun.

Let’s think at global level. Cheese is highly skewed. Very few people have a lot, while work is opposite. 99% cheese (money or power) is with very few People. If Cheese were distributed properly, world would have been a better place. Same is true with private organizations.

Nature is much more balanced and diversified. It has seasons and day-night. It provides basic survival needs to all- water or air. Human intelligence has created this skewedness of cheese and work. This madness has created widespread natural destruction as well as spreading hate day by day.

Einstein said- “Human stupidity is infinite”

Only way to bring sense in this madness is fulfil basic needs of all. Let people fight for desires only. It will heal some hate.