Talent Hoarding:

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I was just participating in transition work of Shared service. During this, I have seen insecurities while giving resources to other groups. Even if , need of resource is not there. Manager treats subordinates as assets. Subordinates are assets for boss security. Moving them means power centre movement. Insecurity is core theme in management power struggle. In this war, talent matters. If you have best resource who can deliver on time, you will win. As you grow higher up in ladder single man’s skill won’t work. Territorial thinking automatically comes.

When I asked my past boss to shift to other area to explore growth path, he refused. If I asked him as he is not my boss now, he is encouraging shift in function. I am not his asset now. It hurts sometime as company may use my skills somewhere else. Or I may add value at some other places. It is part of game in this territorial world. In conclusion, talent hoarding is not good for anyone. It may just help ego of single person.

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