Sulking vs Honest discussion

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Sulking is common. People avoid conflict and honest discussion. People avoid it sometimes as they are not confident about values and stand they take. Sometime they don’t have debate tricks. Lawyers have capabilities to probe wrong as right. That is biggest threat to truth. By efficient communication, you can show the world that you are right. Having tough discussion with a conclusion is a dream. Most tough discussions end in middle. Keeping people appreciative of people with right tone and communication.

Husband and wife have continuous fights for deciding the better communicator. Real goals remains on side-lines. Generally, in end husband chooses sulking and wife on crying.

Parliaments are made for discussions , however, most conclusions are predecided. Debates many times end in more confusion. Intention can’t be debated. They are so clear. For intentions , we mould our communication. Scientists debate for their predecided stand.

We listen better in training, one sided lecture/speech, spiritual guru or ted video. There is a gap of rights and authority. Indian leader Narendra modi never goes in debate. This is different skill. Influence people by just teaching them.

Honest discussion not just need both side right temperament but right conflict management skill. If both meets, intentions don’t meet. So it is idealist situation to have honest one to one discussion when trust level is low. It is tough , really tough.

There is no other way to resolve and grow. Conflicts are necessary . Tough and honest discussions are a need.