Stupidity Matrics

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Carlos proposed stupidity metrics. It came to my attention. It looks interesting. Stupidity is global phenomena. Fascists use it for their benefits. It is commodity. You can use this metrics for your benefit. You just have to identify the right stupidity.

Self-loss - Others Loss – Stupid: Stupid people, Carlos explained, they are abundant. They are irrational. They cause problem to other for apparent benefit to themselves. They are known for loss –loss solutions. They are good in non-sense talk. They spend they attention on rumors, hate, anger, or jealousy.

Self-Gain – Others loss – Bandit: These are torturous people. They use other’s problem for their benefit. They show cruelty to others to know their power. They accumulate power to show others their own gain. They play power card.

Self-loss – others gain – Helpless: They play victim card.  They are over giver. They work in fear to please others. They are herds. Helplessness is their selling point.

Self-gain –Other gain – Intelligent: They play win –win card. They know without winning others it is hard to resolve the issue. They are not victim, they are not power player. They act to gain control on situation. They look good in every situation. They are intelligent. They know how to resolve the issue and move on. They don’t want to linger on the problems.