Skill development - continuous journey

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We are here to learn. Guru has important position in our life. They guide us. They mentor us. Mold us. It is easy to make baby. It is difficult to make it responsible man. We all are facing experience issue, pre conceived notions, hard feeling and hurts.

Guru makes us human. Gives us direction to achieve something big. Skill development has lot of scope. People don't face the pain to learn. That's why they stick to 2-3 skills and remain in its zone. We want to exploit acquired skills. Developing new skill is not our hunger. That's why we feel lost when he squeeze the acquired skill. It was ok or good earlier. Now competition is fast paced. We need continuous skill development and acquisition..

How good you are in following skills

  • Negotiation
  • Debate
  • Singing
  • Public speaking
  • Podcast
  • Cooking
  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Blogging or writing
  • Influential or leadership
  • Teaching and coaching
  • Music or painting
  • Story telling

Rate self on above skill and make self more advance and growth oriented..