Skill development in AI world

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Learning is life long process. We develop skills as we grow. Memory based learning is dead after google. Artificial Intelligence can memorise whole book for you for your reference. Formal school education will be changed forever. Now education is mainly job based. Wherever universities see jobs, they train people. And people too bounded by economic and social constraint follow the trend.

New education system will be solution based. There may not be regular jobs. Automation will eat almost 50% of jobs in next ten years. Uncertainty is very high. No qualification or degree can guarantee success in future. Changes in technology will keep people on edge. New jargons are cropping up daily like big data, Artificial intelligence, digital revolution, space exploration or quantum computing. Man is slow to react.

Skills S curve will get slower and slower. Once man will think he has learn it, new technology will be ready. I take example of Chartered Accountant (CA). Few years back, this degree means sure shot job in finance and account. Now, it is all automated by SAP. System has power to generate balance sheet without human intervention. Millions of students are still trying hard to get the CA certificate. Once they hit the floor, they found only data entry left.

In India, job creation is happening in just delivery boy or data entry operator. But high energy kids armed with digital knowledge wont like it much. They want new technology challenge. Very few will be lucky to work in high end technology. Rest will end in despair.

It has positive aspect too, In creative fields and games, excellence will thrill. More people means more free time. Any creativity needs peak freedom, space. Freedom should be from economic constraint. If new world has to survive. Poor people should get basic needs. That is only way to make stable world. Otherwise they will come on road and will kill rich one.

Future of education looks bleak. Skills will survive, but man should be smart enough to learn new skill every few years. There is no time to fall in complacency of one skill. Earlier man used to run behind food. This age man will run to make retirement happy. Next age man will run live productive life.