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She is like rain drops on leaf..
Her shyness stops my heart beat
She is my connection to the god
She is my trust in pari world, she just doesn't have visible wings..
Her passion for her dream like an artist sings
It is not desire to force a connection. It just flow, it just ping
Her care for me , It melts my heart.
Love I thought exists in stories… it is in her talk
She is wild, her passion for her dream unstoppable.
She is unique , She is non comparable.
Hunger to complete a dream scares me sometimes but I like it.
A science lover can turn into a romantic writer but I like it.
Cold breeze in rainy season, brings her touch.
A silent connection that i like very much.
She likes moon.. Just doesn;t know she is one
She completes me.. An incomplete lonely man.
She is god’s blessing , her pings I wait. An insecure and messy man
Every time I pass near her, I cherish each moment.
I remember, I saw her in the eyes, it was just a lifetime moment.
Her eyes said many things. But suddenly they were down.. They wanted to talk..
Words hardly flow from mouth, but they are there in her smile, silence, shyness,
I know I am not her destination. But this path is beautiful.
God gives her a lot of happiness, love and care she deserves.