Reverse Branding

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We are seeing emergence of new branding Industry. Rahul Gandhi's image was as a Immature and irresponsible boy. He is now being branded as intelligent leader. Efforts are ON. Huge media agencies are working. He gets huge back up of script writers, event managers, and brand builders to prove that he is the future of India. It seems it is working slowly.

By reverse branding, I mean to sell something which it is not. It is applicable to perosnal brand, organizations, or products. If someone is aggressive, you create aura around him as gentlest and kindest. It creates pressure on person to probe it. If someone is failing in exams, you create aura like he is Intelligent. Frankly speaking, I got benefit of it as I failed in 6th and 7th standard. Yet, my surroundings aura was like I am an intelligent child. Actually, I was a quite child and it created this impression. Later on, I did well in studies. Perception built around me helped.

Reverse branding is something like it. This tools is being used frequently now. It brands rich and shrewd as simple man. Corrupt is hiding behind an honest image. Biased kings are being branded as Justice Lover. Regressive people are being branded as progressive. So this is like a distorting perceptions. It is creating confusion is consumer mind as well as in brand.

Organizations too are pushing their products. I saw Colgate is selling product with “Vedshakti” name. Vedshakti gets a panchang free to reinformace image. Colgate is countering current nationalist wave which Patanjali has created. Colgate is being percieved as Forign brand in India. It wants to flip it with national colour.

Reverse branding hides the defects. In Indian society , show-off of wealth is a defect. It gets punishment. King Mallya is an example of it. So all riches now showing off their CSR activities as reverse branding. Rahul Gandhi has changed image from rich boy to a boy wants to sit and eat with DALITS./Poor.

Products are being tag as “ORGANIC”. Chemical oil factories are promoting ban on plastic. Kings are selling themselves as Servant. Depression centres are being branded as Wellness centre. Judge slowly, you may get trapped. Perception can be distorted.