Productivity Hacks

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Life is getting very fast nowadays. Making it productive is a challenge. Everything needs consistent focus. Disruptions in time and focus are common. Mail, unwanted phone call, or social media alerts are common disrupter. Focus span is reducing for individuals. In world of multitasking, we do complete normal routine work. But excellence demand a passion. No one wants to see long videos or long forward. Even movies we see now in fast forward.

Slow moving OFFLINE life is new luxury now. I don’t know how consciousness will get affected in such fast paced life in long run, but can see impact on generation NeXT’s mood swing. They get bore easily. Carb for next sensation is increasing. Entertainment is easily available on mobile. Life can be productive, if we mix entertainment and education well.

I searched internet to get some productivity hacks. Listing them.

Make balance scorecard to monitor goals

Reduce multitasking & Increase offline time

Write down 3 important task every morning

Learn to say “NO”

Listen music, run marathon, do yoga

Use important and urgent task matrix

DO tough thing first

Schedule time as the task come

Keep small breaks in long task

Plan cleanliness

Break habit by changing schedule

Don’t look at your phone at first hour of morning.

Reduce social notifications and social media time

Offline data in night

Use to-Do list , write only 5 things

Put Together Your Outfit for Tomorrow Before Going to Bed

One unpleasant task every day , map your fears

Schedule stress time

Create Innovation time

Get ergonomic