Power and Loyalties:

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Both are linked. Countries are best example. North Korea is showcase of loyalties. People showed emotions on road when their leader died. Power is well centralised and in one hand. Similar is example of other dictator based systems. On other hand, countries like Pakistan are facing disintegration risk as no single man can claim that he has power. That makes me to think is loyalty linked to power. Once you lose power , loyalty disappear.

“Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.- Mark Twain “

Same principle is applicable to organizational management. Power and loyalties keep changing. Although, it is good for person at top, it comes with cost of growth and change. Power loves loyalties and stability. Power loves rigid structure and tough and mature pillars. It is difficult to bend these pillars in changed scenario. Nature loves changes and flexibility. So, are power games are different from nature’s?

Loyalty to person or country seems stupid idea and nature loves distinction and made each object for some purpose. Still, bonding is appreciated effort with flexibility to change. Detaching bonds and creating new bond needs effort and release or take energy.

I love my super boss and it seems I am getting loyal to him. Now leaving him and joining other company may create many thoughts in my mind. He won’t like it. I have to break his heart or break his loyalty. Painful!

Loyal people many times live life for other’s purpose than self. Nature wants us to show our own performance. Collective purpose is not bad but power concept is more selfish. I think loyalty purpose should be valid till it has mass appeal and collective goal. Once it becomes personal power show, one should get back to individual goal.

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