Our choices make us.

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One day I was angry. I stormed into my boss room and started discussing my career. Old man gave it a serious listening. I told him that I was doing much lower job than my qualification/skill. Old man in end said” you are describing me your own choices and their results”. I had no word to say. I gave it thought and he was right.

Our choices make us. In today’s world no one is holding anyone except our own mind. Sometimes, we don’t have choices and we accept whatever is available. These decision for time being becomes our long term fate. We feel stuck.

World is in extreme now. One with too many choices and another with no choice. Both are dangerous.

Life is complex. But it is getting more complex as choices are increasing. Standard assumption is “if you have more choices, means more happiness”. Problem is if you have more than 2-3 choices in one area, then you are in mess. Try it by going in a super market. A simple FM radio is coming in hundreds of version i.e in mobile, TV, stereo, standalone etc. Mind stops working. Finding the right product is becoming difficult.
Choices have increases in cloths, food, relationships, political parties, taste, movies, gadgets etc. And we are getting confuse day by day in these choices. Problem comes when we choose something i.e. zeroes down something, even if the thing is fulfilling our requirements, we miss the left outs.

A simple jeans, has hundreds of brands and features. Market has increases the expectations. I went to buy just a simple jeans, variety has been added to colour, winkle free, shades, fitting, brand or raw material. A simple problem has been made complex. Mind stops working and many times I delay the decision.

Indecision is natural choice if you have multiple choices. Person wait for more information and sometimes miss the bus. Sometimes choices make our life easy. But many times, it is mess.

World is stuck between people with too many choices or limited choices. There are some girls, no one wants to marry and on other hand too much demand. Film actress, mostly, ends up with bad choices in marriage. Many times pain becomes unbearable for indecision and stuck people.

Keep choosing and moving. Happiness is not about living in mirage.