Math, Science and Discipline

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All are tough words. As usual we all want easy way. Children, teachers and parents too do the same. School are focussing more on gadgets, meeting, events, and dress codes. New age managers more rely on these tools. So its fine to expose child to these methods.

Leading life tough way is not easy. It require lots of practice from parents, teahcer and student. Interest levels of direct contact points also matters. Math , Science, and discpline are rare skills and tough to get.

Blackmailing and fear are two popular tools by agressive parents to control child. But they don't work in long run. I strongly beleive heighly disciplined enviornment can only deliver tough man.

My wife was angry on school as she is paying school to make her child more disciplined. I don't think it is genuine demand. If school puts pressure on kid, he will complain about school. And we as a parents will change school. Life is tough journey and school leave tough nuts to be cracked by urself.

New policy of no exam and no panalty is promoting indiscipline in kids. I am not in favour of beating kids each day. But nothing can replace discipline. Each moment we as a parents have to practice discipline each day.. Than only chance of right and mature kids will come.

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