Matching attention with task

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It is most difficult thing. Attention does not match easily with task . Without sync in two, we fail. It can happen by these

Need: Once need is there. We do all that need. 

Creative endeavor: Our mind need creative output. Thoughts need expression. Painter paint it. Witter put it in words. Poet put it in poems. We vomit our frustration in front of friends or god. Mind need words or creative outlet to express self.

Fear : A private sector employee does it in fear. Fear of job to go.

 When we get direction, guidance, motivation, we put efforts. Most of the times we don't know which task we should do. Mind floats in auto piolet mode. Mind also find time to roam around when we comes out of fear zone. It is his favourite activity.

To live productive life. Know your triggers,interests. Search your interests in creative canvas. Thoughts love direction. Attention is mostly sleepy. it comes to check fear, danger, rejection, or loneliness. Attention is creation of emotions. It makes us awake and guide us.