Managing Younger Boss

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Age of the boss is decreasing now comparatively to subordinates. It is difficult to report to less competent and less experince boss. Main disadvantage is you dont get anything to learn. First teach him and then follow his directions. Corporates have pressure to show young and vibrant leadership at the top who should look smarter and have great communication skill.

Articulating thoughts and organizing events may not be cretieria for organizational success. It also needs strong experince background. Changing DNA at each level of organization may harm sometimes. And managers have tendency to play safe in last. Tata and China leadership changes are of similar kind. Experince and loyality prefered over young blood.

While managing young boss, it is very impartant that one should not play with egos. Organization decisions sometimes have to be just followed even we dont grasp them properly.

Putting pressure in boss to deliver may help. If one is in organization boundary, playing safe will help especially in transition time. Grasping changes and deciding slowly on better placement may help. Pushing for extra responsibility and waiting for right time may also help.

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