Management – Indian Idol style..

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This is new kind of management is evolving in private companies. Indian Idol is a singing competition or a reality show. Every year , many talented participants try their luck to become India’s top singing sensation. They try hard to be the best in India. Judges gives them various challenges. They have to perform in all forms or kind of songs. Public sees them observe them and appreciate them by heart.

Let’s see how this management style works in companies..

Judges: Top management would work as Judges of the show. They will ask new high paid employee to give reports. As he has been paid higher than his AUKAAT, he works hard to show his talent. He go deeper in solvable problems and would try innovative solution. He generally get problem which no one has solved earlier.

Maha Guru: One Mahaguru will be there in management. An old hand, who will guide the new Indian Idol to company policies and will give all virtual powers to this man. He will sit and smile only, as he knows the end result of this exercise. All Indian idols get sidelined after the show.

The IDOL: He or she is person who oversold himself in interview. He runs faster just after joining the company. He gets all virtual powers from top management. He reports to big shot. And at end of day, he makes data, works on report, and creates ideas (recycle them).

As like every Indian idol winner, he gets appreciation at every song/report. And One day even after the winning the show, he sits in corner cabin of the company – Sidelined and dejected.

Bajane Wale (Musicians): Every year , HR brings new idol for entertainment of the Judges (They remain same). These bajane wale are people who make reports, give data , idea to help Idol. They also remain same, Just Idol get changed every year. Based on direction or taste of new idol, they change formats – year after year.

Have you seen this management in your company ?