Lesson learned from Gururaj Despande

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Guru is serial innovator.. Attended his session - according to him

1. Innovation + Relevence = Impact.. Innovation with relevence should have IMPACT
2. Continuous risk broaden your comfortzone
3. Technological Innvoations should be matched with social innovation
4. Technological innovation has more relevence at top of the pyramid while social innovation has more relevence bottom.
5. Build collobrative model social innovation and governance
6. There are two categories at MIT - Some who loves their ideas and want to be with its beauty - Let them like that only. 5% are like that.
7. 95% wants to connect to ground level and wants to make IMPACT
8. Creatiing curiocity in child's mind is most buitiful gift to him.
9. New generation has more compession .. technology broaden throughtfulness..
10. Innovation is continuous eveluation of ideas with simulations.

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