Indian economy needs jobs, stimulus wont work in the long run..

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Yesterday, finance minister gave boost to the economy by injecting free money. It is like distributing tax payer’s hard earned money for free. It boosts consumption. But dies soon. It is not sustainable in the long run.

India desperately needs job booster. We got lucky earlier. IT boom had created Wipro, TCS, and Infosys. They drove job growth. Then we got lucky with BPO. We did well in it and later lost cost advantage. Then , Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea gave telecom boost at name of 2G and 3G.

Manufacturing is dying in red tapism. Real estate is dying in lust of builders and politicians. Banking is never job booster. Charter accountant drives this sector. They don't have any intention to create jobs. They kill jobs by profession,

You can say “Retail boom is here”. Retail kills more jobs than they create. It kills small shopkeeper. It is consolidation of profit then a technology boom.

Agriculture is dying in chemicals. Pesticides and chemicals have boosted the outcome. Farmers are not getting anything in the end. Huge supply has killed the margin. Education boom is here in India, but it won't sustain longer if jobs don't come easy. People will realise soon that college education is a waste of time.

India has a young population with vibrant minds. It wants creativity should go in creative pursuit. No job or financial input would mean a waste of talent. We will have a lot of frustrated population and crime.

Only sector that is booming in India is political biasing. That is not a healthy sign. Financial tweaking can be good art, but it does not create jobs.

India could be leader in knowledge sector. AI, Big data can boost more. China is leading in it. Israel is a good model for India. Israel is emerging as a startup destination. Israel is running hard in medical technology. It has huge business of saving people's lives. Japan is going ahead in transplantation of heart, liver, or kidney. India can do that too. Space science could be new money maker. ISRO should be given more mind at cheap cost.