India and Feminism

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Society is going through an intense battle. It is battle of equality or supremacy of a gender. This battle is being fought at every family unit. Feminism is a fast evolving concept. In India, girls are proving themselves in fields like competitive exam or sports. It is where competition is fair. Places where practices are not fair like corporates, judiciary, bollywood, or politics, it is still difficult for a woman to rise. She has to compromise a lot like her time, emotion, or even body to grow. #metoo was recent revolution which has exposed this dirty secrets across the world. It is not surprising that in India #metoo was a failure. Even it was a failure in all supressed societies. Only open societies like US or Europe have supported it.

Indian dynamics is different. Though most homes have women supremacy now. It is still tough for her to battle in unfair fields with dark power and corruption nexus. Men’s power has only left in these power centres.
India has a complex relation with feminism. Only in Hinduism, a woman can be a god e.g. Durga, Kali, Laxmi, or Saraswati. We pray Shiva as ardhnarishwar (half female). In bangal, we pray mostly kali or durga. That is the place where women are most dominant in family structure. In Mahabharata, Kunti and draupdi played important role. Still, India is known as rape capital of the world.

Let’s understand what science say about feminism. Science has proven that man and woman have different wiring of brains. Maps of neural circuitry showed that on average women's brains were highly connected across the left and right hemispheres, in contrast to men's brains, where the connections were typically stronger between the front and back regions.

The greatest surprise was how much the findings supported old stereotypes, with men's brains apparently wired more for perception and co-ordinated actions, and women's for social skills and memory, making them better equipped for multitasking.

Nikola tesla was a brilliant scientist. I had strong views on woman. Tesla explained that he once adored and worshipped women. But that his perspective had recently changed, as women had become more and more like men, striving to compete with men in so many aspects of society.

“Now the soft-voiced gentle woman of my reverent worship has all but vanished,” Tesla told a reporter in 1924. “In her place has come the woman who thinks that her chief success in life lies in making herself as much as possible like man—in dress, voice and actions, in sports and achievements of every kind.” I respect a lot Marie curie. She had proved everyone wrong by her contribution in science.

In India , we can divide life of women in two parts, one before marriage and another after marriage., She is very vulnerable before marriage for rape, molestation, violence, and unequality. And after marriage, she runs the family the family power dynamics.

Most corporates are coming forward to have policies of inclusion and diversity. Skill and attitude should get more weightage than a gender. A fair workplace respects that. Integration should be based on cooperation than competition. That will help both a corporate and employee. Having quota has failed us. Talent is not gender specific. Passion is not gender specific. Let the talent grow. Help them earn as well as the other counterparts.