Future Ideas.. 2018 and beyond..

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Bill gates is a futuristic person. He predicted 7 future trends at Munich Security conference recently. I found four predictions worthy to mention. Future is a wonderland. Mankind will paint it through its creativity, mistakes, and lust. It will have both good and bad outcomes. Future here is worth mentioning thirty-forty years. Many future leaders are predicting mainly in these 11 areas.

1. In the next 15 years, 33 million people could be wiped out in less than one year by a pathogen (Bill Gates): Gates warned that “Epidemiologists says a fast moving airborne pathogen could kill more than 30 million people. This could be mutation, accident, or terrorist intent. Earlier in 1918, Spanish flu killed between 50 and 100 million people. Chemical warfare may be a common thing.

2.In the year 2035, poor countries will no longer exist (bill Gates): The way money is being printed with no control on World Bank, it is obvious that it will reach and overflow to all. Some will have a lot but poor will also get benefit. Productivity will take a major hit.

3.By 2030 there will be clean energy breakthrough that will revolutionize (BG): Bill has not mentions any one specific clean energy initiatives. Plasma energy (solar type nuclear fusion) is main contender. Solar is another option. But solar needs big infrastructure.

4.Countless Jobs will be lost to automation (Bill Gates): Automation will make people lazy and addicted. Driverless car to security will be soon automated. Future workforce will get basic income form government. They will be free to do whatever they want. Creativity will be at its best. People will create music videos, paintings, poetry, or will write books. More frustration means more creativity.

5.Gene editing: Life will be better after it. If we edit out defect before birth from gene, life will be longer and healthier. Cancer, obesity, or other diseases should be edited. It will make us healthy.

6.Space will conquered: Mars and Moon may be our new destination. Many companies are trying hard. We will find aliens in next 30 years. We may see birth of our universe soon by NASA’s new advance telescope. Travelling through space needs immediate breakthrough. Mars journey takes 240 days now, which can be reduced to 90 days in coming years.

7.Transport will be redefined: Hyper loop may take over between the cities. That is only possible solution. Earth immediately needs a net of hyperloop to kill time waste in travel. Even intercity and incontinent transport will have new meanings and way. Elon musk has proposed designed for it.

8.Mind mapping with computers: Man wants to conquer life. Memory of a person can be downloaded. Many companies are working on it. If it became possible, meaning of death will change forever. Only consciousness will go, memory will remain here.,

9.Pollution will make us weak: Air, water, or plastic pollution will kill many. Quality of our nature is deteriorating day by day. More population means more consumption which means more pollution. We have no mechanism to create fresh air and water. These are basic needs of life.

10.Mental health: We are living now on social networks, collective consciousness. It has side effects on relationships, addiction, and loneliness. Way of social interaction is being redefined. We are online now most of the time. We are more prone to anger and hate. Family system won’t be same in next ten years. We have already transformed from collective society to nuclear family. Now with new consumption story, we may need more old age homes or isolation centres. People are aspiring to live life at fullest.

11.Education: Education will be online, topic based. It will not just be job creation. It will be more creative creation.

Wish you all a very happy new year. Any new area you suggest ?