Future Ideas – Legal mess

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Justice is becoming illusion in modern society. Laws are outdated. Courts are full cases. Hardly any case get time. Enforcement agencies like Police, tax officials, traffic constables are busy in making money.

Justice and courts are dependent on evidences. Laws of 1800 can’t work now. Lawmakers are too busy in winning elections. In end, a common man is suffering and being forced to compromise. Law is only supporting crime by delaying justice.

In India, it is fun drive and series of harassment. Laws are so wide open. Every law has order in favour and opposition. So in end, justice is dependent on mood of the justice on that moment. National anthem is one example, where court has changed its order 2-3 times.

In world also, situation is not that good. Galileo was forced to apologise by the court for his statement “The earth is rotating the sun”. After 350 years, churches had apologise that Galileo was right. Some drawbacks of current system are
•Huge paper work needed to get the justice.
•90% Cases are of almost same. Though court thinks each case is different.
•Multiple cases on same dispute is time killing.
•Huge lead time. In 3 yrs court case, mostly waiting happens between the dates. Real listening is hardly 1 hours.
•Each country or religion has different law for same activity like marriage or divorce
•Outdated laws, untrained lawyers, and unskilled Judges.

Holy profession is on verge of collapse. Trust is eroding.

Solution is automation. Solution is Artificial intelligence.

Similar cases should be given tailor made solutions like ATM type cash. Only in exceptions, court should listen the exception of the case and decide. Artificial intelligence will help in form of a robot. It will full of all citation of previous orders of similar cases. Robots will help Judge to give fast judgement and print.

Transparency can be the big solution. Each hearing should be under camera. So that corruption can be reduced. I strongly feel, it is hurting progress of the country. Just we don’t need GDP growth, we need growth of law and order. With current situation, it is hard to sustain confidence in judiciary.