Equality or illusion:

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Justice is always an illusion. There is no concept called “Equal division”. People or organizations are on roads, questioning or demanding gender equality, pay equality, religious equality, or money equality. There may be 100 odd Ted videos on equality topic.

Whole justice system is designed to get equality in system. In Nature, there is no such concept. Nature respects diversity. All products of nature are unique. Their need is different.

In Mahabharata, there are many incidences of in-equalities. Kunti had five sons. She used to divide food in half for BHIM and rest half for other brothers. Bhim’s need was different. He had hug giant body.

In earlier structure, elder son used to be King. Kaikeyi in Ramayana objected this culture. She demanded that any son can be King (equality). She thought her son is best fit and competent. She objected the seniority complex.

Equal right to every human being is ideal but unreal. Many families are sadly falling to pray of this idealism. Parents are struggling to maintain this balance. Division in property, time, or affection is very difficult among children. Everything is being compared. In end, elder parents are suffering. Compassion is dying in these equals.

Countries are being divided by majorities or minorities, internal or outsiders, younger or older, or male or female. Diversity is nature’s law. Our needs are different, some needs money, some post, some intellectual things, some time, some security/safety, or some just needs love. Organization can integrate better, if they understand the specific need. Many times inclusion cry/banners ended up creating more divide.

Many organizations are racing behind to show how friendly they are woman employees. Instead of Stratification, it should an individual study and gap analysis.

Global in-equality is increasing. Expect fight for equality will increase. Inclusion cry will increase. Inclusion in power, money, decisions, or posts etc. Top is limited. At every layer, there will be fight to show tokenism of equality. Equality is an illusion.