Diversity and Inclusion

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As per Vedic mythology, a woman used to have crucial role. In both Ramayana and Mahabharata , they contributed lot by active participation and decision making. It is only in Vedic culture that a woman can be a god e.g. Durga, Kali, Laxmi, or Saraswati. We pray lord Shiva as ardhnarishwar (half female). This is our spiritual behaviour. Our social behaviour has been dictated by social rules.

From rich Vedic culture to today, we have come long way Mid-age history has played a big role in dramatic downfall. Social dynamic has changed a lot. Woman had been used as object for kings, army man and money lenders. Wars with Mughal, mangol, or greek have damaged rich culture of inclusion. It had leaded to bad tradition of Parda pratha, Dowry or Sati pratha. We have come out of some bad phase but scares are still there. Even now, we need “Beti bachao – Beti padao” kind of slogans.

Movies of 1960-70 have also played a role. Emotional drama played around rapes or woman exploitation had created a view that male is superhero and female is object. Continues war of survival has done a huge damage to psychological development of Indians. Every fear, war or exploitation changes our behaviour and emotional wellbeing.

Now evolution of history, movies, power dynamic of society and so called economic rules have new state of woman empowerment. Their change from an object to human is taking place in many social circles. Though at many homes, female rules, but in corporate world or society at large, it needs more efforts for inclusion. Meeting rooms hardly have few woman speakers/participants. It is happening when many girls are out-casting boys in competitive exams and games. Same girls can do on corporate floor. They just need fair play.

Talent and skills are not gender specific. Same is with passion and contribution. Hard work should get reward in end. Any organization can’t grow without active participation of diverse ideas. Quota system is bad, but talent must be flourished. Companies should actively look for contributors and nurture them. Talent, attitude, skill, and passion are hard to find. It is worthless to get it wasted.