Data Security - Does it matter ?

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I had a mix view earlier. Now I am realizing its a big threat. Facebook recent data sharing to political parties and targeted attack in favour about one party or candidate. It is non ethical and condemable act.

It is true that nothing is free in this world. Google, Facebook, or other social media companies wants our FOCUS. Our telephone numbers are being sold. Sales men of telecom , real estate and banking companies have my number as category of > 10 lakh income. They call all the time for loan , sale, or telecom operator swapping.

Yesterday, One Indian minister has threatened to sue FACEBOOK founder. Truth is that such data sale is open in India too. They make money from our data. Advertisers hit us with targeted lead. They decide what I will buy or see. Media companies are diverting attention by running useless news to save their master’s crimes. Whole drama of direting attention is going on.

We are in seduction. Someone is taking decision for us. Google is only showing search which are paying google in some sense - directly or indirectly. We think that we are deciding about profession we choose, about cloths we wear or matchs we will see. That is not true in BIG DATA world.

Our major asset is time and it is under attack. These hackers are trying to drill in our head and hijack our decision making. Our money is not our money anymore. These people are using my decision making ability to enforce their decisions. One example is about my choice of political leader. Social media just show me feeds about my LEADER. It takes decison based on my updates. And in end, I become bhakt to MAHA BHAKT.

Indian minister’s threat is just a posture. TRAI (telecom regulator authority of India) is not taking any actions on people who are making calls or SMS in my free time. A big propaganda is going on.

Yes today, I may be owner of my few decisions. But in coming future I may not have that right.

Elon Musk is trying hard to give free data to whole world by sending beams from low lying satellites. Purpose is same. Reaching to last mile and influencing his decision making.

Every physicist knows consciousness can be hijacked. Consciousness is subject to external fears, lust, and fun. And Half-conscious man can be looted easily. Humanity is under deep threat.