Cleanliness – tribute to Gandhi :

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October 2 is Gandhi Jyanti in India. Gandhi Ji was a minimalist in true terms. Less cloths, less designations, and no violence. He achieved his objective on Independence of India through less pain and more dialogue. . Indians have forgiven bapu’s teachings. It was beyond non –violence. It was about living close to nature and being a minimalist.

In today’s world of waste gadgets, home full of wires, roads full of plastics, plaster of paris. And excessive use of money in festivals. World has limited resource. Excessive consumption will create mess for future. We are already seeing global warming, earth quakes, hurricanes, excessive rain etc. Nature is reacting. We have to listen.

India is dirty mess at many places. It is unorganised, full of slums , and chemicals. Wellness for all can’t be achieved without overall awareness about cleanliness and ban on excessive consumption.

5S methodology have been given by Japanese. 5S are Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise, and sustain. Japanese lives longer as they respect nature and cleanliness.

In India, thanks to Modi ji, focus has come on Swachh Bharat. Gandhi jyanti will be celebrated for cleanliness day. Diwali was supposed to be the same objective. However, it was more focus on self and own home. Cleanliness in surrounding area or public places are equally important.

Swachh Bharat can’t be achieved without moral cleansing, hard work, and

1. banning of plastic,
2.banning of plaster of paris
3.Excessive use of crackers on Diwali
4.Excessive use of money on durga purja/ ganesh utsav etc

Efforts are being made. Need more participation for it. Regular emphasis will help in making India clean and healthy. This is best initiative government has taken. It must be whole heartedly supported. In corporate world, papers are full in drawers, computers are full on waste mails, documents, unnecessary attachments, and unwanted cc/bcc. Let’s clean it all.