Artificial Intelligence – Next Generation work

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Man has limitation of memory. It has to fit in finite skull, it needs sleep, and it has emotions. Artificial intelligence does not have anything. For any problem, it can give and explore more solution than any human being. Computer size is shrinking. Quantum computer will multiply the memory calculations. It is possible in future that machine will overtake human intelligence. We are sitting on intelligence explosion. Quantum computing is nature’s way and it is fastest.

Many scientist think machine will be half human by 2040. Artificial intelligence is getting smarter by leaps and bounds -- within this century, research suggests, a computer AI could be as "smart" as a human being. They may not emotions but they can process information faster, can see results of their proposed solution and fix problems with lot more innovation.

Driverless car will make many man jobless. Teaching may change shape. Instead of have too many universities, online classes may change whole educational game. Interactive learning from one to many may be future way. Army may be robotic and no blood shed. China, India and many more countries are adding robotics in army and reducing human count. Security will be more by cameras and other machines than human.

Rich will be richer as he will control AI driven robots for his safety, manufacturing, and supply chain. At present to, capitalism is driving comfort zones. Wealth is flowing from poor to rich. World is being ruled by people with Oil, data, guns, unfair law makers and medicines. That will consolidate with AI. Earth has limited resource and it can’t feed so many people. Faster the consumption cycle will run, faster we will lose grip from nature.

Job market will shrink exponentially by automation and AI. Man will get minimum salary. He can sit at home and explore his skills in singing, art, music, travel etc. Transactional work will go to machines. I may sound pessimist for many for man. But change seems inevitable.