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AAMir and Parenting

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Few days back I came across one whatsapp message about Aamir khan’s suggestion about three different parenting styles

  • 3 idiots - Let your child become what HE or SHE wants to become
  • Dangal - Make your child what YOU want him or her to become
  • Taare Zameen par - It’s Ok if your child does not want to become anything . just dont interfere..

Management and parenting have similarities. It is about giving a sense of PURPOSE to someone. In end of all three movies, actors got their purpose. We all want to go from haziness to clarity. Biggest pain is doing what you don't like. Biggest happiness is in doing what you want/love.

Life is about searching meaningful purpose in so much distortion and changes. Anyone can give you purpose , a teacher (taare jameen pe) , friend (rancho in 3 idiot) or father (in dangal) . In corporate world, it may be manager or leader. People want to work for the leaders like Dhirubhai or Elon Musk for their dreams.  

Let's discuss above 3 movies :

Taare zameen par is for special care child/Old ppl/sick person. This need care and love. If they get it with freedom and respect, additional advantage. You can’t run them in race. Fear or purpose may kill their belief in humanity. They need catalyst/guru/ guide. Hero child found his skill in art/painting. In management too, we get subordinates who are depressed , disconnected or less motivated. Giving them work of their liking is challenge for any manager. Developing them is a challenge for line manager. Today’s city based generation x dont work on fear. They need motivation of their choice.

No fear / Only purpose - 3 idiots - Rancho in film has clear purpose. He knows where he is doing what he wants in life. Purpose give happiness and guidance. Other two characters were in conflicts because of family pressure. Rancho helped two friends to achieve their purpose.

Dangal is about clubbing discipline to have purpose. It has background of poverty and lack of direction. In these cases hardship and purpose drives people out of mess.

At different level of hierarchy, we need different tools. It may be fear, motivation, or giving some one sense of purpose. At worker level , fear is best tool. Corporates have used it too well for years by applying so many discipline tools , time control, etc. like father of dangal movie. Kids or workers , many times, don't have purpose and don't know what to achieve in life. Laziness or roaming around could be favourite time pass. Dangal may bring a sense of purpose.

Do you know your purpose ? Or, you want to give someone a purpose?