‘Communication skill is like learning cycling’

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Chennai, Nov. 5: The biggest challenge in communication is to overcome inhibition and it is like learning cycling and can be learned only by practicing and not by teaching, said R. Shekar, CEO of Shekarsan Consulting to students at Gayathri School of Management Studies and Science.

He was delivering a BL club guest lecture on communication skills presented by Central Bank of India to management students at Tirupati.

Students felt that communicating with fellow students was easier, unlike when interacting with professionals.

This is a very real problem prevailing world over, Shekar said and advised students to be better prepared by proper planning.

He said students should learn English as a business language rather than treating it as literature.

He said not more than 250 words is required to speak English as a business language and normally 170-180 words are known to every individual, which is almost 70 per cent of the requirement. So the problem is not as big as they think, the real challenge lies in recalling those 170 words. Through practice one can develop the speed of recall.

If one can speak slowly and recollect those English words first before their mother tongue, then they will succeed in communicating their thoughts, he said.

Creating short sentences and making people work as a team are some methods to improve communication skills, he added.

He advised students to memorise at least 10 new words every day and practice at least one and half hours outside the class for every hour they spend inside.

He concluded by saying that any change or miracle if it has to happen, it has to be within 30 days or else it will never happen.

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