Chapter 4 Future Tense

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Tense Key words Conditions Examples
Simple in a year A future event or activity Our break will happen at 5 PM
  Next   I will study later
  Tomorrow Use will (Not going to) to volunteer I will help you with that table
  I think Use going to (not will) with a preconceived plan I am going to Delhi tomorrow.
  Probably Will to express promise

I will call you when I arrive

I promise I will not tell him.

  Perhaps No future in time clause When you arrive today, we will go out for movie.
  If I arrive Spontaneous decision Wait! I will help you.
    An opinion , hope, and assumption He will probably come back tonight.
    An action in the future that can't be influenced It will rain tomorrow.
    Conditional I If I arrive late, I will call you.
Progressive In one year An activity that will be in progress

Will you be waiting for her when her plane arrives tonight?

  Next week Interrupted action in future

I will be watching TV when she arrives tonight.

  Tomorrow Specific time as interruption in future Tonight at 6 PM, I am going to be eating dinner.
    Parallel actions

Tonight, they will be eating dinner, discussing their plans, and having a good time.

Perfect By Monday Completed action before something in future

By next November, I will have received my promotion

By the time he gets home, she is going to have cleaned the entire house.

  In a week  

By Monday, Susan is going to have had my book for a week.

Perfect Continuous For 10 years

action taking place before a certain time in the future

You will have been waiting for more than two hours when her plane finally arrives.

They will have been talking for over an hour by the time Thomas arrives.

  All day long

puts emphasis on the course of an action

By 2015 Tannay will have been studying in SN school for 4 years.

By 2014 I will have been working in Nokia for six years.

    Cause of something in future

Anil will be tired when he gets home because he will have been jogging for over an hour.