Chapter 2 Present Tense

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Tense Keywords Condition Example
Simple Always A general truth The sky is blue
  Often Habit and routine I run two kilometer every day

Permanent truths and facts

Earth rotates around the Sun

A scheduled event or activity

My plane leaves at 9 AM tomorrow

At the moment

Actions happening at the moment of speaking:

I am typing grammar lesson.


Actions happening around the moment of speaking:

I am learning new recipe.


People are working in office. Some of them are drinking coffee.
  Look! Temporary situations I am working on quality project , while management is looking for new role for me.
    Planned Action She is starting school at noida tomorrow.
    An activity that is in progress, although not actually at the time of speaking I am learning leadership skills
Perfect Already Put emphasis on results I have completed five projects.
  Ever Action that is still going on

I have not joined new job yet.

She's studied English for 5 years

  Just Finished action that has influence on present He has lost keys
  Never Action that has taken place several time in past or never

I have never been to USA.

He has gone to math class everyday this week.

  Not Yet Action which has just finished She has cooked lunch
  So far An activity that occurred at an unspecified time in past Have you ever visited UK? I have visited India.
  TIll now An activity in time clause(When, While, After) that ends before the main clause activity begins I will go to movie after I have finished jogging.
  Since Experience Have you ever faced camera? , No I have not?

Present result of something in Past

You've lost a lot of weight.

You've cut your hair.

Present Perfect Continuous All day Put emphasis on duration or course of action He has been waiting for two hours.
  for 4 years Action that recently stopped or is still going on I have been living in Mumbai for 7 years.
  since 1997 Finished action that influenced the present I have been working all afternoon.
  How long? May be used to refer to continuing activity that is recent He has been going to school at Noida.
  The whole week Repeated action over period of time I've been doing lots of exercise.
I've been trying lots of different hairstyles.