Chapter 1 Tense Table

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Type Past Present Future
Moment Anil played cricket every Monday. Anil plays cricket every Monday. Anil is going to / will play cricket every Monday.
  Yesterday, Anil played cricket and then he went home. Anil plays cricket and then he goes home everyday. Anil will play cricket and then he will go home next year.
  Anil loved cricket. Anil loves cricket. Anil will love cricket.
Period Anil was playing cricket when you called. Anil is playing cricket now. Anil will be playing cricket when you arrive at 5 PM.
  Anil was playing cricket and she was watching. Anil is playing cricket and she is watching. Anil will be playing cricket and she will be watching.
Result Anil had played cricket before he moved to the US. Anil has played cricket in several different countries. Anil will have played 40 overs by the time his father comes home.
  Anil had won five matches until that day. Anil has won five matches so far. Anil will have won five matched by then.
Duration Anil had been playing cricket before he moved to the US. Anil has been working in Nokia for five years. Anil will have been playing cricket for over two hours by the time you arrive.