Bias for action
A bias for action separates doers from mere dreamers. Action leaves something in its wake. People who leave legacies are action-oriented. They don't wait for ideal circumstances, they act regardless of what is happening around them.John Locke said as much when he noted, "The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts."One might add, that if true passion exists, there will be action.

Even small actions have significance. In fact, larger projects are only a culmination of small acts. A bias for action is what makes achievers what they are.

Purposeful action, is self-generated, engaged, and self-driven behavior. Purposeful action also requires focus. It requires discipline to resist distraction, overcome problems, and persist in the face of unanticipated setbacks. In other words, purposeful action is different from impulsive behavior. It involves thought, analysis, and planning.

There are four kinds of managerial behavior, according to the levels of energy and focus that managers display.

The Frenzied: They are highly energetic but very unfocused and appear to others as frenzied, desperate, and hasty.

The Procrastinators: They postpone the work that really matters to the organization because they lack both energy and focus. They often feel insecure and fear failure.

The Detached: They are disengaged or detached from their work altogether. They are focused but lack energy and often seem aloof, tense, and apathetic.

The Purposeful: They get the job done. They are highly focused and energetic and come across as reflective and calm, amidst chaos.

"Intelligent people can always come up with intelligent reasons to do nothing.”

“Ninety percent of what we call ‘management’ consists of making it difficult for people to get things done.”

“too much talk, too little do is sin number one ”

"This is so simple it sounds stupid, but it is amazing how few oil people really understand that you only find oil if you drill wells. You may think you’re finding it when you’re drawing maps and studying logs, but you have to drill.”

“Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.”

Bias for action in organization prospective

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