Myers-Briggs Personality Type
Personality typing is a tool with many uses. It's especially notable for it's helpfulness in the areas of growth and self-development. Learning and applying the theories of personality type can be a powerful and rewarding experience, if it is used as a tool for discovery, rather than as a method for putting people into boxes, or as an excuse for behavior.

Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs (mother-daughter team) expanded on Jung’s work by developing an instrument to help people identify their preferences

Mental processes
    Perceptions:: How you perceive your surroundings
  • Sensing (S)
    • Rely on actual data
    • Gather information through the five senses
    • Pay attention to details
  • Intuition (N)
    • Rely on inspiration
    • Gather information through “sixth sense”
    • Look at the big picture

    Judgments:: The basis for decision making
  • Thinking (T)
    • Base decisions on logic and principles
    • Objectivity
    • Feeling (F)
    • Base decisions on human values and harmonious relationships
    • Subjectivity

Mental orientations

    Energy orientation:: Where you get your energy
  • Introversion (I)
    • Energy directed inward
    • Prefer concepts and ideas
    • Think before speaking
  • Extraversion (E)
    • Energy directed outward
    • Prefer to interact with people and things
    • Speak before thinking

    Outer world orientation:: The lifestyle used to deal with your environment, i.e., most often used mental preference

  • Judging (J)
    • Decisiveness, closure
    • Value task or project completion
  • Perceiving (P)
    • Curiosity, flexibility
    • Value starting a task or project
Extrovert I am talkative, open and relatively easy to read. I need interactions with people every day to keep my personal batteries charged. I seem to speak without thinking sometimes. I gain energy from being around people.

Introvert I am quiet, reserved and a little hard to know, even though I do have a social side. I need more peace and privacy than most people. I like to think things through before speaking. I gain energy from having time alone.

Sensor I am practical and realistic. I am most comfortable dealing in the here-and-now, the real world. I like to think I keep both feet on the ground in my daily life. I prefer things over ideas or abstract concepts.

Intuitor I am conceptual, creative, and ideas-oriented. I don’t think of myself as having my head in the clouds, but I am always looking toward future possibilities, asking myself what things mean on a larger scale.

Thinker I am logical and almost always make decisions on a rational, rather than personal basis. Things have to make sense intellectually in order for me to believe in them. I respect reasonable people. People would probably call me level-headed rather than warm.

Feeler I am sensitive, and I believe it’s important to consider the personal element, as well as the logical, in everything I say and do. I am sometimes too sympathetic and understanding with others. I make decisions based on my personal beliefs and values.

Judger I like to be organized in whatever I do. I like to get to the bottom line, make decisions, know where I stand, rather than wandering around aimlessly. I get impatient with people who can’t make up their minds. I can be stubborn.

Perceiver I am flexible, and can usually see the other person’s viewpoint in a controversy. I am more comfortable observing, listening, and asking questions than I am making decisions and judgments. I am uncomfortable when asked to make a decision too quickly. I often experience buyer’s remorse.

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